Thursday, November 19, 2020

Because of the proclamation by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds on 11/16/2020, and the need to reassign clinically trained research staff to clinical responsibilities, in-person research visits in UI Hospitals & Clinics facilities that are not essential to a participant's health and/or well-being should be postponed until further notice.

Examples of research that may continue include:

  • Visits that are coincident with standard of care medical appointments (individuals will be allowed to move from their standard of care clinic location to other on-site locations if needed, e.g. the Clinical Research Unit)
  • COVID-19 treatment, identification, or vaccine research
  • Visits that are critical for safety follow up or for receipt of life-saving therapies
  • Enrollment of new patients on a clinical trial or other human subject-related research may occur if: 1) participation in the research is essential to a participant's health and/or well-being, as determined as above; or 2) the enrollment and participant interactions and interventions can be conducted remotely; and 3) appropriate research personnel are readily available to ensure subject safety.
  • IRB-approved study activities that do not involve direct subject contact (e.g., chart review, Qualtrics surveys, and remote interviews) or research that has transitioned in-person visits to virtual visits (e.g. interviews, surveys, questionnaires).

This guidance does not apply to IRB-approved, in-person subject visits occurring outside of UIHC facilities.  Researchers should continue to follow their research plans approved by their associate deans for research and follow all institutional, state, and local public health guidance.

Please refer to the OVPR Responding to COVID-19 guidance for additional information. In addition, University of Iowa researchers should follow all institutional requirements as posted on the Campus Coronavirus Updates and guidance documents posted at The Loop. IRB-specific guidance may be found in the COVID-19 Information section of the Human Subjects Office website.

Please address questions to the Office of the Vice President for Research at 319-335-2119 or, the Human Subjects Office or 319-335-6564, or visit the HSO website at