Research Ramp-Up Sample Template

The following template is provided for convenience as you prepare your research ramp up plan. While use of this template is not mandatory, each laboratory and research group is required to prepare a detailed plan that adheres to these Guidelines and Considerations before your return to campus will be considered. The plan should be submitted to the PI's Collegiate Associate Dean for Research. In some cases, your department and/or college might have specific requirements; these must also be incorporated into your plans. Approved plans must be shared with members of the research group and posted in a prominent place within the research space.

Plan for Resuming Research Operations

The following document describes the plans and procedures established to resume operations at the XXXXXXXX. The target date for resuming limited operations is XXXXXX

Entrance Procedures

Describe points of entry and screening practices, if applicable.

Physical Distancing

Describe how staff on-site will be limited to the minimum number and times necessary to successfully and safely complete a study.

Room Restrictions

Describe how staff members allowed in different areas of the facility will work while physical distancing.  UI guidelines recommend one individual per 100 – 150 sq.  ft. of laboratory space and that individuals maintain a minimum of 6 ft. apart.

Room Number


Maximum number of people


Describe hours individual staff members will be allowed to work in UI research facilities.

Personal Protection

Staff will adhere to the following guidelines for personal protection while working on-site. As per the CDC, staff members should also practice frequent hand washing, cover coughs and sneezes, and avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth.


Lab Coats

Masks/Face shields

Plan for reporting illness of staff members

Describe plans for reporting illness and confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Equipment Maintenance

See laboratory ramp-up checklist for guidance (link)

Interactions/Collaborations with Others

Describe plans for physical distancing during meetings, breaks, sharing data/equipment, etc.

Cleaning Space and Shared Equipment

General Instructions

All tasks listed below should be performed a minimum of once per shift, unless otherwise specified. 70% alcohol or an EPA-registered disinfectant should be used to complete each task. Gloves should be worn at all times during cleaning.

Cleaning Checklist - the following language is provided for reference only. Please edit as appropriate for your area, addressing both common and individual use spaces and equipment

Benchtops – All benchtops should be cleaned and wiped down with an appropriate disinfectant immediately after each use, and at the end of each shift.

Door Handles / Light Switches – All door handles and light switches should be wiped down a minimum of twice per shift.

Large Equipment – Commonly touched surfaces on equipment in use should be wiped down after each usage. This includes valves, touchscreens, buttons, handles, etc.

Hand-held Equipment – All hand-held equipment should be wiped down after each usage.

Shared Computer Equipment – Shared computer equipment should be wiped down after each usage

Personal Workspaces (Desks) – Personal workspaces and computers at those workspaces should be wiped down at the end of a staff member’s shift

Carts – Carts should be wiped down after usage. At a minimum, the cart handle should be wiped down after transferring the cart to a new location.

Dishes – All dishes must be washed and set out to dry during each shift. When possible, no dishes should be left for the next shift to clean.

Common Spaces – shared spaces should be cleaned after each usage. Staff members should wipe down the table, door handles, and any other surfaces touched before exiting the Breakroom. Additionally, door handles and other commonly touched surfaces in the main entry corridor should be wiped down a minimum of twice per shift.


Biohazard Bins

Phones – Phones should be wiped down after each usage