Student Researchers

As of August 1, 2020, both graduate and undergraduate students—including those with internships or engaging in research as part of an academic class—may occupy research spaces if they are deemed essential to lab activities and have been adequately accounted for in the primary investigator’s ramp-up plan. This means they will; have been adequately briefed on safe lab practices, given access to adequate protective equipment, and are personally comfortable with working in the lab.

At the same time, to the greatest extent possible, PIs should continue offering students  opportunities to continue engaging in their work remotely, particularly in cases with social distancing presents a challenge.

Student health, safety, and level of comfort returning to campus must be fully considered by PIs, who should be ready and willing to make adjustments as needed to ensure adequate protection and student success.

Students, like all team members, will be held to the same health and safety guidelines established by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Critical Incident Management Team to protect themselves and their colleagues.